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  • Robert Crowder Weaving Studio

    Robert Crowder Weaving Studio

        The Robert Crowder weaving studio has been in business for over 65 years. The artist Robert Crowder moved to Los Angeles from Chicago in the late 1940’s, setting up an art studio in the back of his house where he painted wall murals and designs for his burgeoning wallpaper business. Crowder’s designs appealed…

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  • Bill Blass – Vintage Scarf

    Bill Blass – Vintage Scarf

      Bill Blass was the first American designer brand, begun in 1970. Based on the logo this scarf may be from the early 1970’s but the colors seem very 80’s. It is an unusual design – reminds me of children’s wood blocks or a pop art sculpture.

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  • Chloe – Typography + Fashion

    Chloe – Typography + Fashion

      I love anything that celebrates typography and beautiful lettering. This Chloe scarf highlights the alphabet in a lovely loose style. I do not know the date but I am guessing it is from the 1970’s. Look closely to see the angels framing the Chloe logo in the center – I hadn’t noticed them until…

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  • Daffodils & Hermes

    Daffodils & Hermes

      This scarf from Hermes is titled “Jonquilles” (Daffodils) and was a promotional piece for Piaget. It is dated 1999 and it was designed by Philippe Ledoux who created over 90 scarves for Hermes. Ledoux began working with Hermes in the late 1940’s so this piece may have been a reissue or was produced after…

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  • Scheherazade – A Vintage Hermes Scarf

    Scheherazade – A Vintage Hermes Scarf

      This Hermes scarf is titled “Scheherazade” and was first issued in 1966. The artist was Henri d’Origny who designed over 40 scarves for Hermes. He also designed the first Hermes necktie and one of the house’s signature watches, the “Cape Cod.”     Scheherazade was the legendary queen and story-teller of “One Thousand and…

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  • Chloe Vintage Batik Scarf

    Chloe Vintage Batik Scarf

      This is a wonderful oversize scarf from 1977 by Chloe. I love the batik look of the design and the muted colors. This would have been from Karl Lagerfeld’s time as designer for Chloe.

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  • Perfume & Scarves

    Perfume & Scarves

    I have several vintage scarves that were promotional gifts from fragrance and cosmetic companies such as Estee Lauder and Jean Patou. These all come from my grandmother or mother’s collection. My grandmother was a writer for the New York Times and covered fashion, style and beauty in the late 1960’s – 80’s. In this role…

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  • Yves Saint Laurent Vintage Scarf

    Yves Saint Laurent Vintage Scarf

      I love the shocking pink and black combination of this Yves Saint Laurent silk scarf. The abstract design feels so modern and begs to be framed and hung on the wall like a piece of art.  

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  • Op Art Threads

    Op Art Threads

      Vera Neumann’s artwork and scarves are largely identified with painted florals, butterflies and other natural motifs. However there is also a large group of geometrics in her work. I was surprised and thrilled when I spotted this scarf and purchased it not too long ago. I hadn’t ever seen a scarf like this by…

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  • Isaac Mizrahi

    Isaac Mizrahi

      While in New York City I also visited The Jewish Museum to see the Isaac Mizrahi exhibit “An Unruly History.”  I have always loved Mizrahi’s use of color and the sense of whimsy in his work.  I find many of his fashions have a quirky retro feeling while also being timeless.  Photographs of his…

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