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  • Gucci Flora

    Gucci Flora

      The “Flora” print has become iconic for Gucci and in the history of textile design. Created by artist Vittorio Accornero in 1966, the scarf’s history is as fabled as Gucci’s past. The story is that Rodolfo Gucci commissioned Accornero to design an original scarf as a gift for Princess Grace after she visited the…

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  • Pucci


    Pucci. The name is synonymous with bold color, incredible patterns and jet set sophistication. Emilio Pucci was a fashion designer with no apparent background in design. He was an Italian aristocrat, living it up in Florence. Pucci designed clothing for the social set that reflected the post-war desire for travel and status symbols. His patterns…

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  • Dynamic Colorism

    Dynamic Colorism

      The design of this scarf is very evocative of the work of Sonia Delaunay, one of my icons and favorite designers. I do not pretend that this scarf was actually one of her creations but clearly whoever produced it was influenced by her work. Sonia Delaunay was perhaps the first person to make a…

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  • Hermes


      Hermes symbolizes luxury and the company history is strongly defined by its incredible scarves. They introduced their first scarf in 1937, and have produced thousands of designs painted by a select group of artists ever since. This scarf is titled “Sulfures” and was designed in 1979 by Caty Latham-Audibert. I’ve seen this design also…

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