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  • Ken Scott & Susan Nevelson

    Ken Scott & Susan Nevelson

    About a year ago I stumbled upon the textile designs of fashion designer Ken Scott. I was immediately drawn to the vibrant colors and bold florals rendered in a loose, painterly style. Very much in the style of Emilio Pucci and Vera Neumann and at its peak in the 1960’s. But why had I never…

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  • Zandra Rhodes: a True Original

    Zandra Rhodes: a True Original

      As a textile designer and collector I particularly admire the work of Zandra Rhodes. She is a true original – creating her own artwork for fashion, home furnishings, jewelry, rugs, and more – she is an inspiration and a pioneer. Since the beginning of her career Rhodes has made her own rules and created…

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  • Memphis


      This vintage scarf is a complete mystery to me – no idea about the designer, manufacturer, etc.  All I know is that the colors and design are wacky – and totally remind me of the work from the Memphis group. I know many people do not like Memphis as an art period or “look”…

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  • Vera and Calder

    Vera and Calder

    If you follow my blog or know me, you know that I love all things Vera (Neumann). She was one of the most prolific designers and artists whose textiles helped inspire my love of collecting and fabric design. Awhile back I read that Vera was close friends with the artist Alexander Calder. They were such…

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  • Fantasy Flora

    Fantasy Flora

      I recently saw images from the Valentino Spring/Summer 2017 fashion show and was intrigued by the unusual designs of palm trees and cacti. Turns out these prints and embroideries were created by Zandra Rhodes for Valentino. Valentino’s designer Pierpaolo Piccioli commissioned Rhodes to design prints based on Hieronymus Bosch’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights.”…

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  • La Mendola

    La Mendola

      This is another case of finding a vintage scarf that leads me to learn about an amazing fashion line I had never heard of before: La Mendola. I was drawn to the bold jungle colors of this parrot scarf at a thrift store. Researching the signature from the bottom corner led to discovering that…

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  • Leopardo


        I found this epic scarf at an estate sale in my neighborhood recently. Lately I have been going to more of these sales – it’s always fun to get a glimpse into someone’s home and see how they lived. And in my neighborhood there are some great old houses that have amazing features…

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  • Bohemian Wanderlust

    Bohemian Wanderlust

      Sometimes a scarf conjures a mood. For me this one recalls images from the 1970’s of terribly chic women lounging on a yacht in Greece or on the French Riviera. Sexy, hedonistic and carefree. A little Lauren Hutton, Talitha Getty and Jerry Hall all in one. The simplicity of the batik-like artwork is lovely…

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  • Butterfly Patterns

    Butterfly Patterns

    I scored this vintage Gucci scarf a couple of months ago – love it! I think it is from the 1970’s. Featuring a grid layout of different butterflies, it is a riot of colors and patterns.     It got me to thinking about other great patterns of butterflies on fabrics, wallpapers and in fashion.…

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  • Vintage Hermes Scarf

    Vintage Hermes Scarf

    This delicate chiffon scarf is by Hermes. I haven’t been able to identify the artist or designer but it is a sweet spring vignette of birds and frolicking squirrels.

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