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  • She’s Like a Rainbow

    She’s Like a Rainbow

            It’s funny when you are a collector of things to realize that a theme has developed. In the past few months I have stumbled upon some great rainbow striped pieces by Vera. I love the vibrant colors and the happiness of these fabrics so much.

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  • Ferns – Vintage Patterns by Vera & Liberty of London

    Ferns – Vintage Patterns by Vera & Liberty of London

    I seem to gravitate towards patterns with ferns. I love their graphic silhouette and their delicateness. And since moving to California I am surrounded by them: my studio window looks out onto a garden of lush ferns. This lovely pink pattern is a vintage Liberty of London scarf. It is not your customary Liberty pattern…

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  • Op Art Threads

    Op Art Threads

      Vera Neumann’s artwork and scarves are largely identified with painted florals, butterflies and other natural motifs. However there is also a large group of geometrics in her work. I was surprised and thrilled when I spotted this scarf and purchased it not too long ago. I hadn’t ever seen a scarf like this by…

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  • Feeling Green

    Feeling Green


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  • Very Vera

    Very Vera

    Thanks for visiting! I am excited to introduce this journal to celebrate my love of fabrics, color and design. I have been working with and collecting vintage textiles for many years, especially vintage scarves. I’ve decided to feature a scarf in each post for now, with more things down the road. For this inaugural post…

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