Very Vera

Thanks for visiting! I am excited to introduce this journal to celebrate my love of fabrics, color and design. I have been working with and collecting vintage textiles for many years, especially vintage scarves. I’ve decided to feature a scarf in each post for now, with more things down the road.

For this inaugural post it seems appropriate to feature a scarf by Vera Neumann, an artist who has greatly influenced me and inspired my love for pattern and collecting textiles. Vera is widely credited as being one the first artists to copyright her art, and may have been the first “lifestyle tastemaker” in her prolific output of designs for table linens, scarves, clothing and more. Adding her handwritten signature to each piece was an early example of branding genius.

Her work is all about color and bold forms, and most often features nature or geometric motifs. There is a relaxed feeling in her artwork that exudes happiness and freedom. This scarf features one of Vera’s most popular subjects: butterflies. I especially love the color combination.



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