Wild Animals – Vintage Gant Gaither Scarf


We all love an animal print and this scarf is a great example.

The designer is Gant Gaither who did a series of paintings and sculptures of animals in the 1970’s called “Zoophisticates.” He painted wild animals such as leopards, zebras, monkeys and panthers in fanciful settings, and eventually began transferring his artwork to scarves which he gave to his friends as gifts. The playful and sometimes satirical depictions of animals were also put on a series of dinnerware and mugs.

Gaither was originally a theater producer in New York in the 1930’s and 1940’s, and he later lived and worked in Hollywood. Gaither is said to have discovered Grace Kelly and cast her in her first professional stage role in New York. They had a lifelong friendship, Gaither accompanied her to Monaco for her marriage to Prince Rainier, and he later wrote a biography about the Princess. After her death, Gaither was a founder and trustee of the Princess Grace Foundation which awards grants to emerging artists in the performing arts.



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