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  • Winter Florals

    Winter Florals

      Here are a few vintage floral scarves from my collection with a wintery feeling.        

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  • Fantasy Flora

    Fantasy Flora

      I recently saw images from the Valentino Spring/Summer 2017 fashion show and was intrigued by the unusual designs of palm trees and cacti. Turns out these prints and embroideries were created by Zandra Rhodes for Valentino. Valentino’s designer Pierpaolo Piccioli commissioned Rhodes to design prints based on Hieronymus Bosch’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights.”…

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  • Summer Is Here

    Summer Is Here

    Another great scarf by my favorite – Vera Neumann. These bold anemone flowers pack a punch and I love the fuzzy centers as painted by Vera.

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  • Vera & Schumacher

    Vera & Schumacher

    Vera (Neumann) had a prolific career as an artist and designer. Her hand painted designs have appeared on everything from scarves to dinnerware, bedding, fashion, and towels. Her first foray into licensing her name and artwork was with the fabric house F. Schumacher in 1947. It was a pairing of two textile powerhouses. The first…

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  • Spring! Pucci!

    Spring! Pucci!

    A recent find – I love this bright and crisp cotton scarf by Pucci. I’ve learned that it was designed in the 1970’s and is titled “Westinghouse.”

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  • Cherry Blossom season and a vintage Vera scarf

    Cherry Blossom season and a vintage Vera scarf

    In honor of spring and cherry blossom season, here is a lovely vintage scarf by Vera (Vera Neumann). It is such a cheerful piece and features Vera’s signature loose brush stokes. I also love the pink with the accent of chartreuse.

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  • Marimekko and Nature

    Marimekko and Nature

      This Marimekko scarf features a section of the “Ruusupuu” design created in 1957 by Maija Isola. The name translates to “Rosetree” and it is one of the fabric company’s most iconic designs.     The legendary Maija Isola was the first full time designer hired by Marimekko in 1949. Isola was first and foremost…

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  • Big Florals – Chintz Fabric

    Big Florals – Chintz Fabric

      Although I am a serious fan of modernism and geometric patterns, I’ve always been drawn to big, retro-looking florals. Some may call them “chintz” but that’s actually a bit of a misnomer as chintz is defined as a glazed cotton fabric. However the word chintz does vividly conjure up the image of ripe bouquets…

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  • Butterflies and Flowers

    Butterflies and Flowers

      This beautiful vintage silk scarf is a recent find from my mother. It was stored away in someone’s attic for years. It has no label or signature so I have no identification on the designer or manufacturer. The colors are so lush and at the same time so soft. The artwork in the butterflies…

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