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  • The Wonderful Patterns of Alexander Calder

    The Wonderful Patterns of Alexander Calder

    I have been keeping my eye out for one of the three scarves that Vera Neumann made as an homage to her friend Alexander Calder (see past post: ). Last weekend I unexpectedly found this amazing scarf by Calder himself which was released by The Calder Foundation in 2001. It is based on his design…

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  • Zandra Rhodes: a True Original

    Zandra Rhodes: a True Original

      As a textile designer and collector I particularly admire the work of Zandra Rhodes. She is a true original – creating her own artwork for fashion, home furnishings, jewelry, rugs, and more – she is an inspiration and a pioneer. Since the beginning of her career Rhodes has made her own rules and created…

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  • Memphis


      This vintage scarf is a complete mystery to me – no idea about the designer, manufacturer, etc.  All I know is that the colors and design are wacky – and totally remind me of the work from the Memphis group. I know many people do not like Memphis as an art period or “look”…

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  • Vera and Calder

    Vera and Calder

    If you follow my blog or know me, you know that I love all things Vera (Neumann). She was one of the most prolific designers and artists whose textiles helped inspire my love of collecting and fabric design. Awhile back I read that Vera was close friends with the artist Alexander Calder. They were such…

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  • Op Art, the Square and the art of Richard Anuszkiewicz

    Op Art, the Square and the art of Richard Anuszkiewicz

      I bought this handkerchief at a flea market recently – I loved the op art influence, the squares within squares, and of course that it is in shades of blue. I have always been fascinated by the artwork of Josef Albers and his “Homage to the Square” works. Months earlier I found a book…

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  • The Robert Brady Museum – Mexico

    The Robert Brady Museum – Mexico

    This past November I visited the city of Cuernavaca, Mexico which is approximately 2 hours south of Mexico City. Friends took us to visit the Robert Brady Museum which was one of the most incredible places I have ever seen. The museum was the residence of Robert Brady who was an artist and bon vivant,…

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  • Robert Crowder – Artist, Textile & Wallpaper Designer

    Robert Crowder – Artist, Textile & Wallpaper Designer

    I first learned of the wallpaper and fabric company Robert Crowder many years ago when I was working at Kelly Wearstler in Los Angeles. Kelly used Crowder’s wallpapers in many of her projects and I was instantly taken with their lustrous textures and exotic murals. The designs always felt rooted in a glamorous oeuvre –…

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  • Sam Maloof – A Master Craftsman

    Sam Maloof – A Master Craftsman

    I recently had the pleasure of visiting the home and studio of woodworker Sam Maloof. Sam Maloof and his wife Alfreda built a stunning home in Alta Loma, California that has become a museum since his passing. Maloof was an American craftsman; a master woodworker who designed and made furniture for over fifty years. A pioneer…

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  • Op Art Threads

    Op Art Threads

      Vera Neumann’s artwork and scarves are largely identified with painted florals, butterflies and other natural motifs. However there is also a large group of geometrics in her work. I was surprised and thrilled when I spotted this scarf and purchased it not too long ago. I hadn’t ever seen a scarf like this by…

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  • Cooper Hewitt Design Museum

    Cooper Hewitt Design Museum

    The Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum is an amazing museum dedicated to design and decorative art, and its current exhibitions are inspiring and exciting. Recently reopened after a lengthy renovation, the museum is housed in a landmark mansion by Andrew Carnegie in New York City. Visiting this museum was always a great experience but the…

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