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  • Chain Link

    Chain Link

      I found this vintage scarf a few months ago at a flea market. I love a print with interlocking chain links – they have an old school feeling that makes me think of vintage Gucci and Hermes. Many of these types of prints are equestrian inspired but I especially like chain prints that are […]

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  • The Wonderful Patterns of Alexander Calder

    The Wonderful Patterns of Alexander Calder

    I have been keeping my eye out for one of the three scarves that Vera Neumann made as an homage to her friend Alexander Calder (see past post: https://wp.me/p7fVUy-xL ). Last weekend I unexpectedly found this amazing scarf by Calder himself which was released by The Calder Foundation in 2001. It is based on his design […]

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  • L’animal


    A few recent scarf scores with a favorite animal print theme…      

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  • Winter Florals

    Winter Florals

      Here are a few vintage floral scarves from my collection with a wintery feeling.        

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  • Memphis


      This vintage scarf is a complete mystery to me – no idea about the designer, manufacturer, etc.  All I know is that the colors and design are wacky – and totally remind me of the work from the Memphis group. I know many people do not like Memphis as an art period or “look” […]

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  • Greek Prepster

    Greek Prepster

      Since it seems everyone is traveling the Greek islands this summer I thought this vintage scarf was appropriate! I love the pink and green combination – it’s a preppy interpretation of classic Greek motifs.

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  • La Mendola

    La Mendola

      This is another case of finding a vintage scarf that leads me to learn about an amazing fashion line I had never heard of before: La Mendola. I was drawn to the bold jungle colors of this parrot scarf at a thrift store. Researching the signature from the bottom corner led to discovering that […]

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  • Yellow


    Inspired by these sun filled days, here are a few yellow scarves from my collection…          

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  • Parlez vous Francais?

    Parlez vous Francais?

      This 1950’s handkerchief is a fun guide to the french and english words for a variety of things. Featuring charming hand drawn illustrations of an array of animals, colors, and symbols. I especially love the little faces.                      

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  • Leopardo


        I found this epic scarf at an estate sale in my neighborhood recently. Lately I have been going to more of these sales – it’s always fun to get a glimpse into someone’s home and see how they lived. And in my neighborhood there are some great old houses that have amazing features […]

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