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  • Paisley – a Bohemian & Timeless Symbol in Textiles and Interior Design

    Paisley – a Bohemian & Timeless Symbol in Textiles and Interior Design

    The paisley is a classic symbol with a rich textile history. The motif itself has countless interpretations and iterations but at its core it is a teardrop shape based on a stylized plant or flower. It originated in Persia, appearing in art and textiles. It’s probably fair to say that almost every country has a…

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  • Robert Crowder Weaving Studio

    Robert Crowder Weaving Studio

        The Robert Crowder weaving studio has been in business for over 65 years. The artist Robert Crowder moved to Los Angeles from Chicago in the late 1940’s, setting up an art studio in the back of his house where he painted wall murals and designs for his burgeoning wallpaper business. Crowder’s designs appealed…

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  • She’s Like a Rainbow

    She’s Like a Rainbow

            It’s funny when you are a collector of things to realize that a theme has developed. In the past few months I have stumbled upon some great rainbow striped pieces by Vera. I love the vibrant colors and the happiness of these fabrics so much.

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  • Isaac Mizrahi

    Isaac Mizrahi

      While in New York City I also visited The Jewish Museum to see the Isaac Mizrahi exhibit “An Unruly History.”  I have always loved Mizrahi’s use of color and the sense of whimsy in his work.  I find many of his fashions have a quirky retro feeling while also being timeless.  Photographs of his…

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  • Cooper Hewitt Design Museum

    Cooper Hewitt Design Museum

    The Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum is an amazing museum dedicated to design and decorative art, and its current exhibitions are inspiring and exciting. Recently reopened after a lengthy renovation, the museum is housed in a landmark mansion by Andrew Carnegie in New York City. Visiting this museum was always a great experience but the…

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